Warranty policy&Service agreement

In order to provide solution for the after sales service related to the products delivered by HiCOOi to all customers (hereinafter called CUSTOMER), both parties mutually agree on to the following terms and conditions.

Warranty Conditions

1. HiCOOi provides a 12 months warranty period for the products. The warranty period start from the data HiCOOi fulfills his delivery obligations. During the period, all defectives can be send back to us for repairs or replacement.
2. Accessories and components originally belonging to the delivered product and or set are covered under this agreement, but exclude earphones,giftboxes,user’s manuals, all cables and others which are not stated in agreement.
3. Appearance damages recognized upon arrival of the goods at destination are fully covered under this agreement and warranty does apply thereto. 
4. Kindly note that Warranty does not include:
.Damage due to crash, drop or abuse
.Repairs carried out by unauthorized or unqualified agent
.Installation not in accordance with manual instructions or incorrect voltage
.Software operation or problem due to addition of peripherals
.Fire, Flood
.Defect that was caused by misuse and negligence
5. HiCOOi will take back all defective products as defined above for repair and/or replacement purpose and will return them in fully workable condition. The details for this procedure are stated below(Return Conditions). 
6. Repair and/or replacement for products not covered under this agreement, HiCOOi charges only the material cost and the freight charge, no repair cost will be incurred in CUSTOMER's account.

Return Conditions
1. CUSTOMER will collect all defective products centrally and return to HiCOOi factory 3-4 times in one year. CUSTOMER will notify HiCOOi about each lot prior to shipment.
2. CUSTOMER will bear all cost for the transportation from CUSTOMER place to the destination of HiCOOi factory in P.R.China or somewhere HiCOOi requested, while the return back to the CUSTOMER designated forwarder's warehouse(shall be HK or somewhere in P.R.China) from the destination of HiCOOi factory will be on HiCOOi's account; CUSTOMER is also responsible for the correct execution of customs clearance if required.
3. HiCOOi will repair and /or replace the products returned in one month or no later than 45 days.
4. CUSTOMER will provide detailed information about the nature of defect/malfunction for each product returned.
5. Before shipping defective products to HiCOOi factory, CUSTOMER will inform HiCOOi about what product and which quantity will be returned. 

6. There will be some extra cost(e.g. storage charge) for CUSTOMER'S account, if goods has been sent out from HiCOOi factory place but return back to our warehouse in case of unpredictable situation/error.